Challenges for the school museums and history of education in a time of globalization and digitization

The 18th symposium for school museums and history of education collections

About the symposium

In July 2019, we were pleased to invite interested scholars and other interested parties working with school museums, collections and educational history to participate in the 18th Symposium for School Museums and History of Education Collections.

The purpose of the 18th symposium was to focus on the challenges in preserving, communicating and working with school museums, educational collections and educational history in a global and digital era. How do we best preserve digitized material? How can we use existing digital platforms to boost our collections? Why and how do we share our digitized collections with the world? How can we use digital aspects in physical exhibitions? Which stories do we tell in an age of globalization? Moreover, what are the digital possibilities when researching? These were some of the challenges we addressed during the symposium.

The symposium took place at the Royal Danish Library’s location in Emdrup, Copenhagen, at the Danish School of Education (DPU) and Aarhus University Library, from 3-5 July, 2019.

The 19th International Symposium for School Museums and History of Education Collections will take place in Berlin, Germany, 28 – 30 June 2023.

Welcome speech and keynote presentations

Claus Holm and Ning de Coninck-Smith By Claus Holm, Head of Danish School of Education, DPU, and Ning de Coninck-Smith, Professor DPU, at the conference 'The 18th symposium for school museums and history of education collections' 3rd-5th of july 2019, DPU, Aarhus University, Copenhagen.

Presentation by Rameshnath Krishnasamy "Exhibition Exploration Systems: Using Game-Guided Facilitation to Enable Exploratory Behavior". Rameshnath Krishnasamy, Ph.D. fellow and lecturer in HCI (Human-computer-interaction) topics related to personal mobile devices and game design at Aalborg University in Denmark. He is a researcher in digital experiences for exhibitions.

Presentation by Ulla Bøgvad Kejser "Digitisation of cultural heritage and preservation". Senior researcher, Ph. D. and conservator at The Royal Danish Library, Ulla Bøgvad Kejser. She works with the digitization and preservation of documentary heritage.

Presentation by Merete Sanderhoff "Open Digital Cultural Heritage". Senior advisor and curator at SMK - National Gallery of Denmark, Merete Sanderhoff. She works with digitized cultural heritage, and how to share it with the world.