Challenges for the school museums and history of education in a time of globalization and digitization

The 18th symposium for school museums and history of education collections

About the symposium

We are pleased to invite interested scholars and other interested parties working with school museums, collections and educational history to participate in the 18th symposium for school museums and history of education collections.

The purpose of the 18. symposium is to focus on the challenges in preserving, communicating and working with school museums, educational collections and educational history in a global and digital era. How do we best preserve digitized material? How can we use existing digital platforms to boost our collections? Why and how do we share our digitized collections with the world. How can we use digital aspects in physical exhibitions? Which stories do we tell in an age of globalization? Moreover, what are the digital possibilities when researching? These are some of the challenges we would like to address.

The symposium will take place at the Royal Danish Library’s location in Emdrup, Copenhagen, at the Danish School of Education (DPU) and Aarhus University Library, from 3-5 July, 2019.

Deadline for signing up as a participant is 27. June.


Lecturer and Ph. D. in German school didactics at the University of Leipzig in Germany, Sebastian Schmideler. He is a researcher in children’s literature.

Senior advisor and curator at SMK - National Gallery of Denmark, Merete Sanderhoff. She works with digitized cultural heritage, and how to share it with the world.

Senior researcher, Ph. D. and conservator at The Royal Danish Library, Ulla Bøgvad Kejser. She works with the digitization and preservation of documentary heritage.

Ph.D. fellow and lecturer in HCI (Human-computer-interaction) topics related to personal mobile devices and game design at Aalborg University in Denmark, Rameshnath Krishnasamy. He is a researcher in digital experiences for exhibitions.

For further information:

Danish School History is a cooperation between the Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University Library, Emdrup and the Royal Danish Library.


Wednesday 3 July – exhibitions & challenges

  • 9:00 Arrival and registration
  • 9:30 Welcome: Claus Holm, Head of the Danish School of Education (DPU)
  • 9:35 Welcome: Professor Ning de Coninck-Smith, DPU
  • 9:50 Keynote I: Rameshnath Krishnasamy, PhD fellow at Aalborg University, Denmark. Exhibition Exploration Systems: Using Game-Guided Facilitation to Enable Exploratory Behavior.

Theme I: Digital exhibitions

  • 10:55 Digital Italian school museum and a look at the little stories. Marina Baretta, School manager Umberto Cattabrini, Museum director, Gianfranco Staccioli, Museum president. Italian School Museum, Florence.
  • 11:20 “Site-specific interpretation" A digital upgrading of an analog exhibition. Bente Clausen, Head of museum, Marita Hesjedal, Museum educator/Drama teacher, Oslo School museum, Norway.
  • 11:45 Promotion of the historical educational heritage between digital humanities and education at the museum – University of Molise. Alberto Barausse, Rossella Andreassi and Florindo Palladino Research and Documentation Center on the History of School, textbook and children literature, University of Molise, Italy.
  • 12.10 Riga School Museum on the way of modern technologies. Jāzeps Imants Vikšers, director of Riga School Museum, Latvia.
  • 12:40 Lunch

Theme II: Communication & didactics

  • 13:25 The role of museums in the creation of pedagogically conveyed images of history - The sculpture of a Franconian warrior and its depiction in Dutch teaching material for history lessons. Liane Strauss, PhD-student at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
  • 13:50 Keeping it together - Educational heritage from technical academia. Laila Zwisler, History of Technology Division, Technical University of Denmark.
  • 14:15 School life in space and time: A digital scenario of the Greek Language. Maria Drakaki, Department of Cultural Communication and Technology -University of Aegean, Greece.
  • 14:40 Virtually bridging the gaps between texts, images and objects in the history of education. Dr. Stefanie Kollmann, Pictura Paedagogica Online, BBF & Lars Müller, digital librarian, Research Library for the History of Education at DIPF, Germany.
  • 15:05 Challenges facing school museums in a time of globalization and digitization, the case of the museum of education at the University of Crete, Greece. Associate Professor Kostas. G. Karras, Professor Pella Calogiannakis & Assistant Professor Theodoros Eleftherakis, Museum of education, University of Crete, Greece.
  • 15:30 Break with refreshments
  • 15:45 Digital Collection catalog: a tool co-built, in a service of both museum professionals and publics. The case of the national museum of Education. Isabelle Arnoux, Chief of Documentation and Communication Department in the national museum of Education, France
  • 16.10 Keynote II: Dr Sebastian Schmideler, lecturer and PhD in German school didactics at Leipzig University, Germany. Title coming later.
  • 17:10 Guided tour of DPU and the wallchart collection
  • 18:00 Conference dinner at DPU 

Thursday 4 July - excursion

  • 9:00 Bus departs from DPU
  • 9:10 Anne Katrine Gjerløff, PhD and historian. Care, Conflicts, Curriculums and Canes – perspectives on 200 years of Danish School history
  • 10:20 Guided tour of Flakkebjerg School Museum
  • 11:45 Bus departs from Flakkebjerg, coffee on board
  • 11:55 Anne Katrine Gjerløff, PhD and historian – Care, Conflicts, Curriculums and Canes, part II
  • 12:30 Lunch at Holmegaard Værk
  • 13:10 Guided tour of Holmegaard Værk and time to explore the museum
  • 15:00 Departure towards Køge
  • 16:00 Guided tour of the excavations of the Viking Castle near Køge
  • 17:15 Departure from the Viking Castle
  • 18:15 Arrival in Copenhagen city centre – dinner at own expense 

Friday 5 July – digital aspects

9:15 Arrival and refreshments

9:30 Keynote III: Ulla Bøgvad Kejser, PhD and conservator at the Royal Danish Library. Preservation of Digital Cultural Heritage

Theme III: Digital collections

10:35 The Catalogue ‘Ukrainian Book of 1917-1921 in the Funds of the Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine’ as an Example of Research and Popularization of the Museum Funds in the Digital Age. Oleksandr Mikhno, PhD & Director of the Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine & Kira Stepanovych.

11:00 Photography, postcard and audiovisual digitized collections at the Slovenian School Museum. Mateja Ribaric, Slovenian School Museum, Slovenia.

Theme IV: Research on the history of education

11:25 School Exercise books: Unveiling the pedagogical practices of a confessional institution during the Military Regime in Brazil. Ariclê Vechia, Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná, Brazil & António Gomes Ferreira Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.

11:50 Lunch

12:30 Keynote IV: Merete Sanderhoff, PhD, senior advisor and curator at the National Gallery of Denmark. Open Digital Cultural Heritage

Theme V: Technical challenges

13:35 Slovenian School Museum and digitized sources for the history of education in Slovenia: Archival and printed sources available at Sistory and dLIB. dr. Branko Šuštar, Slovenian School Museum, Slovenia.

14:00 Break with refreshments

14:20 Digitalisation archive’s material – souvenir books. Maja Nikolova, Educational Museum, Belgrade, Serbia.

14:45 ‘Pacemakers Report’– The Unique Collection of ‘Pädagogische Lesungen’ [pedagogical lectures] in the Research Library for the History of Education (BBF) in Berlin. Maria-Annabel Hanke, Academic Librarian at the Research Library for the History of Education, DIPF, Josefine Wähler, Research Assistant at the Research Unit of the BBF. DIPF, Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsinformation, Germany.

15:10 Concluding remarks, refreshments, thank you and goodbye.